Who We Are


Since 1961, Pacbrake has been an industry leader in supplying auxiliary braking solutions to the commercial trucking industry. Our continuous commitment to providing our customers with the best possible products has transformed us from simply an engine brake distributor to a manufacturer of world class vehicle technologies.

Now, over fifty years later, our products serve a global market and although we have concentrated on our core products, we have become instrumental in developing emission system solutions for related issues that the industry is facing as diesel engines continue to be the choice for vehicle power.

The fast-paced industry indefinitely challenges us to develop highly innovative solutions for world renowned vehicle and engine manufacturers. Demand for our engineering expertise has never been more abundant and crucial.


As a validated supplier for 20+ OEMs Pacbrake is directly connected to over 3000 VOEM truck dealers, engine company dealers and independent repair shops that are located across the globe.



Research and development is a key part of our success at Pacbrake. With multiple laboratories and testing facilities, we ensure all of our products are engineered for the best possible integration. Using advanced design methodologies, modern CAD tools and high end simulation packages, Pacbrake is able to substantially reduce development and testing time. Our cell manufacturing capabilities utilize the latest practices in lean manufacturing.


  • Mechanical design & manufacturing
  • Structural finite element analysis
  • Electrical hardware & software design


  • Design & Solid Modelling
  • Structural & Thermal FEA
  • Fluid Dynamics CFD
  • Cam Design
  • Fluid Dynamics CFD
  • Kinematics & Dynamics (2D & 3D)
  • Hydraulic System Analysis
  • Engine Performance Analysis
  • Fortran Programming


  • Precision CNC milling, turning, grinding, welding & painting
  • Embedded electronic controllers & wiring harnesses


  • Bench Testing – Hydraulic & Spring Cycle
  • High Temperature Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Dyno Testing
  • Field Testing


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