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PRESS RELEASE: Pacbrake Air Suspension

July 1, 2011

Pacbrake Air Suspension Kits

The Best On The Market

As a manufacturer and supplier of diesel exhaust brakes to both the commercial and consumer diesel truck markets, we see a lot of trucks come in and out of our shop. And it gives us an opportunity to see what works, and what doesn’t.

What we noticed is that a lot of aftermarket air bag suspension systems were failing–for a variety of reasons. Some had metal end caps that had bent, while some had plastic end caps that were prone to cracking and blowing out. Others had bags with insufficient support wire that allowed the convoluted sections of the bag to expand like a balloon.

We knew there was room for improvement–so we introduced our Pacbrake heavy duty air suspension kits. We start off with heavy duty, double convoluted air springs with 18 support wires, compared to only 9 for the competition. Then, we finish them off with cast-aluminum end caps, which are 1” thick. Aluminum provides maximum strength and support, yet doesn’t bend like steel, and won’t crack like plastic. The result? An air spring suspension that can handle heavy loads for a lifetime. In fact, we guarantee it.

Of course, we know that easy installation is important too–so with every kit we build, we consider how to make it as easy as possible to install. Plus, our kits include nothing less than 3/16-1/4-inch steel brackets and Grade 8 hardware, because we know you expect nothing less than the best for your truck.

You’d think that with all of these improvements, Pacbrake air suspension systems would be more expensive than the competition, and rightfully so. But the fact is, Pacbrake air suspension is priced competitively. Better construction, better longevity and a lifetime warranty. The choice is obvious: Pacbrake air suspension.