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PowerHalt : Oil & Gas Shows and New kit releases

June 6, 2017

Pacbrake will be exhibiting at the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show Weyburn,Saskatchewan on June 7th & 8th – booth 218 followed by the Global Petroleum Show from June 13th – 15th, at Stampede Park, Calgary in the Upper Big 4 – booth 4141.

Come join us to learn of the recent developments on PowerHalt line of Positive Air Shut off Valves.

PowerHalt – Positive Air Shut-off Valves provide a complete system shutdown to prevent catastrophic damage to equipment and personnel during a diesel engine runaway. These valves are offered in various sizes ranging from 1.75” – 5” . Choose between our manual and automatic air shut off valves offered in pull cable, pneumatic, electric and electric pull cable actuation options.Designed and tested to the highest industry standard, PowerHalt valves come with an industry leading 2 year warranty*.

*Refer Warranty terms and conditions for more details.

What’s new with PowerHalt?

PowerHalt PH3 R or W-Terminal kit – This kit is an addition to the PH3 system that utilizes a Variable Reluctance (VR) sensor to read engine speed to determine proper and safe shut down event. Alternative to a VR sensor is to measure on the R or W-Terminal on an automotive engine’s alternator stator tap. The output is used as a tachometer signal with AC voltage waveform similar to that of a VR sensor. The benefit of using the alternator output reduces the need for an external sensor, as the installation process is greatly simplified.

Power Take Off Kit – This kit provides a secondary pre-set speed for Power Take-Off (PTO) applications. Providing ground to the PTO input allows users to engage a second emergency shut-down speed for while powering auxiliary equipment. To prevent accidental shut down while enabling and disabling PTO, a 5 second grace period is applied when switching to a lower threshold, to allow for engine speed to reduce. When switching to a higher threshold, the threshold change is applied immediately.Applicable for PH3 product line.