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Pacbrake Celebrates 50 Years!

January 1, 2011

Celebrating 50 Years of Quality & Performance

In 1961 Pacbrake (then known as Pacific Diesel Brake) seized an opportunity to enter into the trucking industry by becoming a distributor for a little known product called an engine brake. We quickly made our mark as a young company involved with diesel engine retarding devices designed to cope with descending the mountainous roads associated with logging and mining in Western Canada and North Western USA.

Over the years other products were added to the mix and we grew to become known in the industry for our innovation, quality and technical knowledge relating to this industry. In later years, with the design and development of our own engine retarders, we adopted the name “Pacbrake” and became a manufacturing company supplying the major engine and truck builders in North America.

Today, after fifty years, our products serve a global market and although we have concentrated on our core products, we have become instrumental in helping solve emission related issues that the industry is facing as diesel engines continue to be the choice for vehicle power.


We feel fortunate having a strong connection with an industry that has developed into an important part of today’s economy and also feel fortunate to have that same connection with the many customers we are serving and the many suppliers which serve us.

2011 will be special for all of us at Pacbrake and we feel it is cause for celebration and a new focus as we look ahead to the next fifty years of growth.