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What Parts Are Usually Needed For On-Board Air System Installation?

July 12, 2014

One of the most frequently asked question by the customers where on-board air system installation is concerned is to do on the parts that are mostly needed. This might seem an obvious question, but there are many variables to an onboard air system. For instance, most people simply want an air compressor system that can quickly get air into their tires while travelling. Others want to run air lockers, in addition to inflating the tires. Whichever the case, they all want to be able to run their air tools when need be. Remember that there are many different parts in an onboard air system that you need to operate once installed.


Everything you need to install an on-board air system

An onboard air system can be installed from scratch. For this to happen, there are an array of different kits available for your selection. These onboard air kits provide everything that is needed to create a reliable clean air source. With these kits, you can have an onboard air source to provide you with an endless supply of engine powered air to run different air tools, inflate auto tires and to operate air lockers.

While most people want to buy everything from the same supplier, a few others want to use the components they already have in their vehicles or to get what they need from different sources. Others however cannot begin to speculate all the different places that onboard air components have been mounted on their vehicle or even getting new kits from different suppliers or manufacturers.

What is the best way to go about purchasing an onboard air system for your auto?

A client has to specify his or her needs to the supplier in order to get the required components for a needed onboard air system. It is recommended that he or she to visit different supplier websites to get more information on wanted onboard air systems, for whatever the purpose. Specific information on each of the available onboard air systems is given in details, making the selection decision easier for the client. Depending on personal preferences or requirements, specific details of needed onboard systems are best left to the customer’s discretion.

General recommendations

Some of the best and reputable suppliers cannot resist taking a shot at general recommendations where onboard air systems are concerned. Apart from the basic installation kit, the matching clutch and a compressor, here is a general recommendation for a complete onboard air system.

But before starting on these, note that there are many different onboard air systems in the market today. As such, it is important keep in mind that they need to be selected depending on personal requirements. Specific details on wanted onboard system must be left to the customer so as to decide what best suits his or her individual needs. This said, here are some of the major components that are required in an onboard air system installation.

• Compressor clutch: This component engages and disengages the compressor

• Compressor: This device compresses air from the atmosphere, forming pressure that fills the tanks

• Compressor fittings: Connects the lines to the compressor itself

• Air manifold: The union used for placing the safety valve, pressure switch and gauge

• Air tank: For compressed air storage

Other equally essential components for onboard air system installation include ON/OFF switch, air couplers, gauge, check valve, safety valve, intake filter, pressure switch, oil return kit and coalescing filter. Do make sure that you acquire certified parts for your installation for the best results.